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About Barre Motion™ and Barre in Naples, Florida

Barre Motion’s™ creator Amy Lademann, is a renown Fitness Expert and Wellness Coach. Movement is her passion, and for more than 15 years she has been helping clients reshape their bodies by coaching them in Nia, dance fitness, Pilates, yoga, and functional training.

Looking for a way to fuse her passion into a heart-pumping, body- transforming workout, she created Naples premier cardio Barre class, Barre Motion™. Barre Motion™ is a cardio barre class inspired by the work of Lotte Berk, a European ballet dancer who first developed her method in the 1950’s. Taking barre classes to a new level, Amy designed Barre Motion™ to help you to achieve a beautiful, sculpted, healthy, body.

What makes Barre Motion™ unique?

Barre Motion™ is a fun, high-energy, 60 minute class, choreographed to the hottest International music. Each session incorporates the precision of Pilates, the mindfulness of Yoga, the cardio benefits of dance, the strength of weight-training, and the toning of ballet. This total body conditioning technique is guaranteed to transform and sculpt your entire body, elevating not only your fitness level, but your energy and spirit as well.

Who is Barre Motion™ designed for?

Whether you are new to fitness, or looking to enhance your current regime, these cardio barre classes are for you. From tri-athletes to Pilates and Yoga enthusiasts, everyone notices the amazing body transformations that Amy’s signature Barre Motion™ classes offer. Barre Motion™ is even safe for pre and post natal workouts, however a “permission slip” from your OBGYN will be required prior to starting your fitness classes at Beyond Motion.

Why are Barre Motion™ classes so effective?

The secret is Amy’s custom designed choreography. Each segment builds on the last, and each class is unique. The Barre Motion™ workout is designed to help you enhance your body/mind connection so that you really focus on the muscles you are using. The result is a long, lean, strong, physique.

"I love that this class helps women to feel feminine, strong, confident, and empowered. How we portray ourselves to the world generally correlates with how we feel on the inside. Barre Motion™ is literally designed to work you from the inside out. You'll develop a new relationship with your body, and be amazed at what you will be able to accomplish in just a few weeks." -Amy

Registering for Barre Motion™

Upon your arrival to the studio, you will check in at the front desk. To maximize your experience, we limit the class size, so please know that if you are a walk in, the class might already be full upon your arrival. If you are new to our Group Fitness program, please call the studio to pre-register. If you are an existing client already involved in our Group Fitness program, you may register on line through our on line scheduling system.

What to wear and bring to a Barre Motion™ class?

Please wear comfortable Pilates/Yoga clothing, that allows us to see your form. Classes are performed in Toe Sox-(Toe Sox are a grip sock with a separate space for each toe. Toe Sox may be purchased at the studio.) Ballet shoes are also acceptable. Please bring a hand towel, and a bottle of water.

**Please note no purses, cell phones, chewing gum, flavored sports drinks or food, are allowed in the studio. All personal items may be left in the changing area prior to class.

The vibe at Beyond Motion

The studio is a local favorite, and a place that visitors look forward to returning to each time they come to South West Florida. Honored in 2011, 2012, and 2013, by Gulfshore Life magazine, and winner of the Readers choice awards, BEYOND MOTION has quickly become known as the best place to work out. The minute you enter the studio, you will notice the fresh energy of “the new Naples” and the enthusiasm of everyone there.
Best barre class! Amy is a total fitness professional. Her attention to form ensures that I am not only receiving optimal results from my work out but also am at no risk of injury. Barre motion works every single muscle group in the body - some I didn't even know I had!

Shelley LH, Naples, FL
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